Summer 2015


Its been only two weeks since the school year started and I’m already craving for (not just food but also) another trip!!! I’ve been thinking of going back to Baler for the next holiday, which is from October 30-November 3, but I can’t seem to get the dates in line with my other events. See, my friend invited me to a Halloween party she’s co-hosting called Assemblage, which will be on the 30th, but I also have to leave that same night with my travel buddies for Baler until November 2nd… but since I still have time to figure out the details of that vacation, how about we do a little #throwback of how I spent last summer?!



The first night was kind of a blur… just like this photo. My third year blockmates and I went to this chill drinking spot called Tides to celebrate our last day of finals and officially moving on to fourth year! Well, not all of us. As I mentioned in Vanity and Veins last year, I had a few personal and extra curricular problems that led me to repeat another class, which held me back for another year. I do believe in God’s perfect timing, and if He had to break my plans because He believes that my plans will break me, then I trust in Him. It was very true though that I was so close to cracking because I felt like I wasn’t myself anymore. I used to be such a sunshine, and not just because I loved soaking in the sun. I started losing myself again… and a lot of sleep as well. It all worked out in the end as I started seeing this delay as a blessing in disguise. Anyway, snapchats were taken here and there on our first night out of the summer so not a lot of photos were taken. It was a pretty epic night though and I’m still so thankful for these regulars in my irregular life.


The next day, my friends (L to R, Chesca, Erin, Nikki) and I went to Eastwood City for a quick dip and watched Pitch Perfect 2! We started recalling the events that transpired the previous night but I’ll just keep those among ourselves haha!


The next week was pretty eventful and an amazing u-turn back to Christ. The great thing about being lost is having to find your way back again, and I was so glad when my spiritual director, Gudelia, invited me to be one of the “supermodels” in this year’s Pure Fashion Manila cycle. I found myself mentoring an amazing group of girls but what struck me more was how, in many ways, they too were able to inspire me as I was supposed to be the one inspiring them.


Meet Team Fierce! (L to R, Pau, Erika, Nina, and co-team leader Raisa)


Meet this year’s set of Pure Fashion Manila supermodels! (L to R, Mica, Rica, Raisa, Abby)


On the last day of the summer camp, my friends (L to R, Pam, Mia, Camille, Jed) picked me up after the fashion show and had dinner at Frankie’s wherein I killed my chicken wings, nachos, and 3 bottles of beer (oops). We started planning a bit for our Bacolod trip and simply enjoyed each other’s company, even though we haven’t seen each other for only a week.



The following week was the start of my birthday week! Even though my parents and little sister where in the States for my older sister’s college graduation, nothing was going to stop me from celebrating the big 2-1!!! On May 26th, I did a little pre-birthday pamper after my Curves session by getting a mani-pedi and some sugaring. On May 27th, calls and messages came flying in as it struck midnight, which just goes to show that I have a pretty awesome set of friends. My grandparents took me out to lunch and they really made me feel bloated! They got me a couple of gifts, a cake, and treated me to a massage. It was a simple way of celebrating my special day as I also had a lot of me time.



Last May 30-31, to close up my birthday week, I went to La Union with some of my surfer friends and luckily still got some sun despite the horrible weather predictions! Yehey! We stayed at a beach house, ate amazing ribs, went to the San Juan Surf Resort, had dinner at Sebay, killed my friends in a drinking game called ‘circle of death’, got more tan the next day, and visited Flotsam & Jetsam. What a great way to end the month and welcome another!


With Berna


With Kaycee


With team Elyu

image image image image image image image image image image


Last June 6, my grandparents celebrated their Golden Anniversary at Christ the King, followed by a reception in The Garden Ballroom, Edsa Shangri-La. I was so happy to be reuinted with my parents who just came back from the States, as well as with the rest of the Kagaoan clan.

image image


On the night of June 12, I started my 8 hour road trip to Camarines Norte, followed by a 2 hour boat ride to the prestine shores of Calaguas island. I spent a good (and really crazy) 24 hours there by literally staying in the water until the sun had set and I only got out once to get a few beers with my good friend, Patrick. At night, the girls and I danced and drank the night away, which is why I had my worst hangover so far this 2015! I mean, it was really bad. After our stay in Calaguas, we went to Bagasbas beach for lunch and tried to go surfing – tried being the word since I was still dying from the night before! Even so, I’m still pretty shore that I fell in love with Calaguas. No signal? No wifi? No problem!

image image


Last July 1, I welcomed a new month with my fellow beach babe, Kaycee, with her new hubby Topher. Did you know I was also a bridesmaid at their wedding last May? I can’t believe I already started my 27 dresses life! We went to La Luz in Laiya, Batangas for a day trip to catch up on some sun and sand.

image image image image image


Last July 14-18, my friends and I (all 11 of us) flew to Bacolod City to meet up with five more of our friends to tour around Negros Occidental. This was my second time in BCD and I would have to admit, I was pretty nostalgic when I woke up on the day of our flight. I knew that this trip was going to be super difficult for me because I would be remembering what happened during my first one, but I still tried my best to shrug it off and make the most out of this new trip with my friends. I knew that I couldn’t replace the old memories but I could certainly make new ones!

Day 1- lunch at 21 restaurant / dessert at Calea / visited The Ruins / had dinner at an authentic Inasal place

image image image image image image image image image image

Day 2- Mambukal (trek to the 7 falls) / dinner at Cafe Bob’s Open Grounds / drinking session at the Yusay’s

image image image image image image image image image image image image

Day 3- I was actually brought to the hospital due to a lesion I got from the trek so the doctor recommended that I stay at home and skip my visit to Campuestuhan. I was actually happy that I got that day to rest up and talk to my good friend, Chin, on viber since she was in the States at that time. I love the hospitality of my hosts, the Fuentes’, as they took good care of me even if I was the only one there! For dinner, we went to Pepe’s then proceeded to the art district for some drinks. Even though I was on antibiotics and off alcohol, I was still glad I went out because I saw two of my favorite Bacolod loves, Gabby and Micko!


Day 4- tan time, beers and barbeques by the beach at Carbin Reef / dinner at Cansi House / went to a house party

image image image image image image

Day 5- bought napoleones at Pendy’s / went to the District and met up with another Bacolod baby, Nikki!



Last August 1, as a last summer hurrah, my family took me on a day trip to Tagaytay, which ended up to be such a perfect day out because of the matching perfect weather! Rainy season rolled in and I was pretty skeptical about going on another trip but luckily, the sun was out that day and we were also greeted by the cool breeze. Included in our day trip checklist were a visit to the replica of Our Lady of Manaoag, being kiddie at heart in Sky Ranch, lunch at the rooftop of Pamana, a visit to the Puzzle Mansion that holds the Guinness World Record for most puzzles (including the top 2 biggest puzzles in the world!), to try out La Finca (my uncle’s restaurant), and of course, to get different flavors of tarts at Rowena’s. The traffic on the way home was dreadful though! Huhu.

image image image image

Besides these trips, I was also able to see some of my friends like Louise when we went on a girl’s day out watching San Andreas, going on a major shopping spree, and eating our hearts out; also saw Chesca when we got manicures then burgers at Stackers; also had nights out with Pat trying out butter beers at Rue Bourbon and attended the Scout House Party; and also visited Nikki to catch up on stories while sipping on cool drinks. This summer felt like it went by so quickly, maybe because I was also pretty nervous with this coming school year. Even though I still have some classes with my original batch, I was really nervous about meeting my new one. I’m so nervous yet excited at the same time for what this school year has in store me! So far, I was able to host two college events and was also able to dance at our college’s general assembly, despite my recurring knee injury. To the rest of the year, here I come!



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