Something Borrowed


With the hectic schedule that comes from being a Physical Therapy student, one would really learn how to appreciate and make the most out of every hour of every day – from the 30 minute power naps in the middle of the night to the twenty-minute episodes of Awkward you can squeeze in while eating your meal, you realize the truth in the cliché that time is gold. As an irregular student, I could still feel the stress and the pressure brought on by the numerous handouts I have to highlight and lectures I have to replay in my mind, even though some people may think I’ve got it easier. I, too, feel that 24 hours isn’t enough. I even use my free time just to sleep! Hahaha! Thank God my Regnum Christi family had their annual convention this weekend in Tagaytay and I was able to borrow some of my precious study time to allow myself to take a little breather. We have to take breaks once in a while so that we won’t be the one that’ll break. This weekend of rest and recreation was so timely so I could now use next weekend to study for my first shifting exams!


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The place was absolutely beautiful and perfect because during RC conventions, we really use this time for meditation – to be able to find inner peace and to talk to God. I was really happy that I went out of town this weekend because I was looking for good vibes and tried to escape from the bad ones, and it worked! I always feel so light and inspired after being with these girls and I already can’t wait for my next mini break.


Even though I didn’t use this weekend to study like I normally do, borrowed time should still not be wasted time. We should always be putting our energy and efforts into something positive and productive so that we could make every moment count.

Another form of rest and recreation that I enjoy a lot, besides meditating like this weekend or pampering in the spa, is a little retail therapy. I once read somewhere that “whoever said laughter was the best medicine has never gone shopping” and in a way, that is actually true! But because of the crazy traffic we have in Manila nowadays and the now known fact that I have no time to get caught in it, online shopping has become my remedy. Since 2012, I have been lucky to know that Zalora ships anywhere for free and that I could get my merchandise in just 3 hours! It’s super convenient for busy people like me especially since I have the application. One collection that caught my eye recently was called ‘Something Borrowed’ and here are some of my picks that I’ll definitely put on my wish list!

image image image image image image image

Browse for amazing and affordable items from Something Borrowed here. I just can’t wait to get my hands on them!

Don’t forget to use time wisely because it’s something borrowed and we can’t get it back. I’m so happy to have started my week right and I pray that the good vibes stay. Hope everyone has a great week ahead!


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